Release Note 20190801 is now available Aug 1st, 2019
  • Audience Studio Users Get Custom Scripting for Workflow
  • Data Connector: Export to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Data Connector: Zendesk Input Improvement - Support End Time for Incremental Loading
  • Data Connector: Intercom Input Improvement - Support Incremental Loading for Users and Conversations
  • Data Connector: Tableau Server Export Improvement - Support New Tableau Server Version
  • Required Migration: Salesforce Data Connector
  • TD Global ID Cookie Update for Chrome 76: Action Required for Limited Customers
  • Continued Improvement: Profiles in Audience Studio
  • Control Panel: TD Console Change
  • Presto: Limit Query Execution Time
  • Hive: TD Hive 2019.1 Generally Available
Release Note 20190701 Jul 1st, 2019
  • Security: Removing HTTP access to Treasure Data
  • Custom Scripting for Workflow
  • Premium Audit Log: More Events Logged
  • Data Connector: Export to Criteo (Alpha)
  • Data Connector: Export to Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Asynchronous APIs
  • Data Connector: S3 Import Improvements
  • Data Connector: Import from Microsoft OneDrive (Beta)
  • Data Connector: Import from Dynalyst
  • Postback: Appsflyer Available in Japan
  • Mobile SDK: Fetching from Profiles API
  • Continuing Improvements: Error and Informational Messages
  • Required Migration: Salesforce Data Connector
  • Query Engines: TD Hive 2019.1 Ready to Release